Wordpress Support

Why Wordpress?

“Wordpress is free!”  That is usually the first thing that supporters of Wordpress say when asked the question — why Wordpress?  It is true that both versions of “basic” Wordpress are free, the downloadable and cloud-based versions.  But as we all know with “free” there is always a catch. 

Wordpress began as a blogging platform which was retrofitted into acting as a traditional website content management system, and because of this it retains much of its original blogging functionality, which may get in the way of managing traditional websites.  It is also a modular system which invites the creation and installation of custom plugins to perform specific functions, each of which has its own method of management which often prevents a consistent user experience.  Much of the popularity of Wordpress is due to the fact that there is a wide variety of third-party plugins and theme templates available.

Because Wordpress can be deployed by those with little technical expertise, third-party themes and plugins are often used to provide necessary functionality.  Paid or free, these plugins are often developed by individuals of unknown skill (or motive).  While third-party solutions are not necessarily bad, individuals who use them may or may not have adequate coding skills to provide the speediest performance or tightest security.  In fact the modular architecture of Wordpress presents opportunities for Wordpress sites to be hacked.

We can help.

Sephone uses Wordpress for all of its blog installations and we build sites with Wordpress when clients request it.  We are very familiar with the Wordpress architecture.

Review or upgrade your installation

Sephone can review your current Wordpress installation including your themes and plugins whether they are custom or third-party. 

Complete your installation or build you a new Wordpress site

If your current developer did not complete your Wordpress project or happens to be stuck or if you are looking for a new website built on the Wordpress platform we would be happy to help.

If your Wordpress site has been compromised

If you happen to be the victim of a Wordpress hack, we can review your situation and present you with a plan of action.

Please give us a call for your Wordpress review and if you are in the midst of a hack, call us right away so we can help you stop the damage... chances are that your hacked website is negatively affecting other sites as well — and you don't want to be responsible for that.

But Wait, There's More

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