Sephone Project Management Consulting 

Sephone partners with our clients manage their projects from beginning to end.

Sephone has extensive experience in delivering successful technology projects of all sizes both on-time and on-budget.  We understand the differing styles of project management and are comfortable taking the reins in existing mid-process projects or working with our clients to choose the methodology that works best for them to ensure success for their particular project.   We work with our clients to define, plan, manage and control all the necessary tasks which lead to deliverables and ultimately towards project completion. 

Effective project management is about leadership and reliable project management is about reducing risk and containing costs.  We understand this — we live it — whether it is managing our own internal projects or those of our clients in our role as consultant.

About Our Approach

Sephone follows the processes and practices from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) centering on the five basic processes:

  1. Initiation (define expectations and scope)
  2. Planning (create the plan and define the risks)
  3. Executing (delivering results)
  4. Controlling / Monitoring (making sure all runs smoothly)
  5. Closing (making sure all expectations, scope and deliverables are met)

While we are comfortable in many project management styles, we recommend a Modified Agile Approach guided by these processes as it provides for a more engaging and interactive development timeline with our clients.  We believe that our clients should be part of the project process — that is better for our clients and it is better for us.

Clients Areas

Sephone has provided services to clients in many business areas including:

Hospitality/Tourism, Entertainment, Real Estate, Healthcare, Shop Floor Management, Manufacturing, Productivity, Retail, Client Relationship Management and others.

Solution Areas

Projects have been managed primarily on web based platforms including:

Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP (LAMP), iOS, Android and Oracle


Sephone can consult with you on any of our services (Web, Mobile, Marketing) or on your own IT efforts within your organization.  Give us a call to learn more.