Joe DiStefano

Joe DiStefano

Joe's accent gives away the fact that he is from 'away'. Coming to Maine from New York by way of Iowa and Texas, his background includes programming, systems integration, and project management.

After long-term stints with the Long Island Rail Road and Greyhound, Joe tried his hand at consulting and liked it! When the decision to stay in Texas or move back east with his budding family, Maine was at the top of the list as it had the whole "quality of life" thing and was close(r) to home.

Being a technologist in Maine was harder than he thought, but was finally successful in being hired by the old Acadia.Net as the manager for the web development team. Later Prexar acquired Acadia.Net and several other ISPs growing the team, but after a while Joe, Scott, and Kelly decided to venture out on their own, forming Sephone Internet Solutions.

Joe is a graduate from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, Long Island (pronounced "lawn guyland"), New York. He enjoys skiiing, boating and family outings. A good cigar and a singlemalt scotch are also enjoyed at times.

Joe lives in Veazie with his wife Laura of 20 years and their two children. You will find them at their camp in the summer and at a local hockey rink in the winter.

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